Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obie and Me

Just now, after finishing my previous blog, Obie came and laid his goldeny head in my lap with a slight wafty wag of his plumey tail and a ‘Walk?’ look in his none-such smiling eyes. Oh Obie! How can I ever say ‘no’ to you?

So off we went.

We walked and walked up and around a meandering Mt. Washington road. It was totally deserted; only the sound of birds and bugs, and all of LA spread out in the distance. With the sunny feel of fall and light dancing in swaying trees, my brain flitted hither and yon. Walks through dappled Michigan woods with my sister,  climbing trees as a young girl and waiting to be discovered,  Byron Katie’s naming meditation, Olive and Ben on the other side of the mountain, and then a couple of strangers appeared out of nowhere and Obie trotted over to greet them. I snapped back to the present and corraled him to join me.  He came to me and then bounced on down the road and I muttered, “Oh Obie, I love you” and he turned around and smiled at me. We stood still and looked at each other. The golden light on his fur, his smiling eyes and loving look, I will never forget that moment.

Beyond precious, beyond sacred, two beings enjoying a beautiful day, walk, moment and each other.

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