Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Umbrella Dream

Most people that I know either don’t remember their dreams or they dream the most elaborate, labyryinthy dreams imagineable. I’m always a bit envious of these dreams as mine are simple and straight forward.  Almost every night I fly. Sometimes I fly on my own as myself, sometimes I have wings,  sometimes I have a whole animal body with wings, and sometimes I am riding on the back of an incredible flying creature. I fly over lands and I see things. I learn about life and the world and I have a marvelous time,  but that is the extent of my dreams.

This being said, every once in awhile  my world gets a shake and a non flying dream creeps in. One such dream happened a few nights ago and I have been haunted ever since by its message.

I was standing on an endless pristine  beach with many many other beings. As far as I could see, black umbrellas were folded down hard on their people. All of a sudden a light shone all around, the umbrellas transformed from black to luminous rainbow colors and they floated up into the sky carrying their people with them. These words that rang out:

“You have to die first before you can be reborn”.

Is this true?

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