Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lakshmi and the Pasadena Apple Store

I have recently been challenged in the computer department! Four months ago I bought a brand new Apple and from the moment I touched it I knew that something was not right with it. I decided to let it ride and see if this feeling continued, meanwhile noting all of the little bloops and fidgets that were awry. By three weeks I knew that I had to come forth with my truth and so off to the Apple Store in Santa Monica I went. One genius after another could find nothing wrong; hence Lakshmi was sent to the Apple care headquarters to have a thorough examination. She was returned with the diagnosis that she was perfect and so  I accepted her back,  secretly hoping that she had been fixed by accident.

Time passed and the erratic behaviors continued,  genuinely hampering my writing,  I returned to  the store with a more commanding demeanor and was met by a bullish insistence that there was not only nothing wrong but that I was wrong. An escalation of opposite positions finally led to insults on their part and tears on mine. I left and never wanted to step foot in an Apple Store again.

Two days ago, Lakshmi  gave up the ghost not to be revived. I felt punched in the stomach  as I had not backed up my files and my brain flew through all the specifics of what I had surely lost. I knew that an Apple Store needed to be in my immediate future if there was any chance of remedying this. I chose a different store; this time in Pasadena.

As this was my first return to an Apple Store since my  humiliating venture in Santa Monica,  I noticed a vibratory resistance to being there. My husband took over the reins and made an appointment with a genius. After waiting for ninety minutes we were rewarded with an uncharacteristically relaxed man named James, whose listening skills and focus were authentic and reassuring. He  rescued almost all of what I had thought was gone forever while examining Lakshmi’s operations. As I watched him I felt his integrity so clearly that I shifted to a place of knowing that if the officials who ultimately decided our computer fate, voted against a replacement computer, a healing was taking place and I would be alright with the outcome.

The store manager was summoned when James had completed his report and when she appeared, there was a familiar waft of ‘this is not going to happen for you’ in her presence. My husband  shifted into non aggressive battle mode and as a true Gemini used his language skills to deliver an eloquent discourse on relationship in general and then relationship between business and customer. Ours had been destroyed with this company after our Santa Monica fiasco and we wanted it made  right here.

Lani listened earnestly and then asked for a twenty minute recess. We left the store, returning half an hour later. Lani emerged from the back room carrying a white case and a beautiful essence of goodwill.  I have a brand new Lakshmi, but what is vastly more important is that I have faith in human beings in business. Yes, relationship is what the world needs to be about, and the Apple Store in Pasadena, with special thanks to James and Lani, gets a gold star and heartfelt thanks for this restoration. Some angels wear blue shirts with apples on them.

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