Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boulder Wildfires

Today is the fourth day of the Four-Mile Canyon fire in Boulder.

Norman and I met in Boulder in 2002, lived there and were married there. We lived only a hop and skip from where this blaze is wildly out of control. With multitudes of families, all over the world,  dealing with and in recovery from natural disasters right now, this one is not huge but hits very close to home for me.

The word that keeps coming up in reports is ‘rage’.
Is that what fires do?
Maybe they think they’re dancing.
Maybe they think they’re cleaning house or waking everyone up.
Whatever it is they do, when they’re finished there’s no doubt that they existed.

Animal habitats.
Personal treasures.
Crying to God.

Just a few words to bid farewell to one chapter and usher in another, and another will come.
In the meantime prayers for a speedy transition and the return of joy.

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