Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Daughter's Child

Is alive and well and living inside her belly!
What must this be like?
This baby has been blessed with a pitta vata mama who acts like a kapha. The culinary morsels, aromas, nutritional components balanced and rationed so that every few hours a delectable, usually home-made exquisite experience floats in.
This mama is a yogini, hence one never knows where one’s feet or head will be from the get go! And the sweet ohms, soft voices and soothing caresses that go with.
The bubble baths that add outer slosh, the wide and wild array of music whilst driving and cheffing, the hours of sitting and hearing sounds of actors’ voices ramble and explode, and her own mama’s as she is one of them!
Ahhhh, yes. Before we are born, we are indoctrinated in the ways of our mamas.
And this little being will appear with a wide range of knowing and feeling, and a breath-taking abundance of love and beauty from a woman who I know quite well, and has consciously been present for this chapter.
And in two months?
Oooooooh lala!!!!!!!  Music,  choreography, visions, explorations, inspirations, passions, creations! That have never ever been seen before.
Look out world!
And over here? A grandmama in waiting, whose lap and arms are already primed.

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