Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Springing Winter

Oh Tigress Tales! Where oh where  have I been?

Right after my last entry, in mid December,  I was thunderstruck by a bolt of divine creativity that peeled away layers of with-holding that had grown around my screenplay writing. Prior to this I had completed and fine tuned several scripts and was basking in a hiatus when suddenly, my butterfly wings were dry and off I flew to begin anew; fresh stories and new magni opi!

I have missed my blogging, as each entry is a spontaneous  joy-filled adventure, but alas, the way my mind and energies work, I cannot create two different offspring at once. For now, the screenplays are front and center, consuming and generating, throbbing and delighting and BECOMING!

When this flow has quieted, and the ebb is at hand,  I shall return, with a basket of treasures to share! And now? With joy and wonder I am off! 

Blessings, blessings, life and love.

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