Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Rumi said if you wake up in the night, GET UP! This is the time to be with yourself and with God.

And so I obeyed last night and now as the dawn creeps in with the twittering of birds and pale light I am plum tuckered out but happy in my soul.

Tis May! My brain wants to to be giddy as according to Camelot this is the month for lusting and singing and dancing and rolling in the lilacs. I feel a quiet euphoric sweetness for the layers and layers of sensory memories that the word ‘May’ conjures.

What a wonder this exquisite planet is. For seasons and cycles to return on schedule with sublime familiarity and yet if one looks there are new twists to old themes around every corner. I saw a whole wall of huge purple blossoms yesterday that I have never seen before and each one had a giant bumble bee busy at work in its center. I thought that I had seen every flower there was to see and as my mother’s daughter I know most by name. Mom, oh Mom, where are you? I found a new flower that I want to show you!

What a wonder time is. What a miracle to be able to call this beautiful earth ‘home’ for all of these years and smile with knowing her and not knowing her. These bodies of ours cover a lot of ground in a lifetime. Ground on the earth. Our feet walk, one in front of the other, and carry us through time, through space, through hardships, through joys over land and on land. It’s so easy not to see where we are as we become lulled by the walk itself.

May is here. Eyes open!

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