Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter is over. After a day of wonder and mystery and joy and food and family, it is a rainy Monday morning and the news channels are hawking fear around impending earthquakes. Fear. We each have a choice to make around this. Every moment of every day our conscious selves know this but the habit of hearing without listening, reacting without reflecting, hyperventilating while our brains dart like terrified hummingbirds from thought to thought without allowing a moment of quiet, lead us to a platform of fear fear fear.

What to do?

Trust? Surrender? Love ourselves?

The answer is personal and individual. My own experience promotes all of the above and easier said than done. Whenever I feel that I have slid or popped or evolved through my fears and am genuinely feeling joy as my throne, invariably something slithers into my consciousness to turn my moment of enlightenment on its head. Out of nowhere, often disguised, life provides the opportunity again and again to develop the muscles of awareness around our thoughts and feelings and the subsequent skills to be the captain of our own ship. With this is place, when the thoughts rise up to bite and derail the joy, out comes the grounding, surrender, and trust to nip it and chase it away.

So what does this mean? Such a monster that societies are built on and wars are waged for and yet so simple. It's all in the mind. All of it: the fear, the love, the upset, the calm. Every feeling is first a thought and so here, at the birth of the thought, we can intervene and turn a gulp about 'the giant earthquake' or 'good luck with that screenplay, you know you'll never make it without a major connection' into 'the rain has lifted and it's a gorgeous spring day' and 'I can do anything!'.

Have a superlative day!

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