Monday, March 8, 2010

Connie's Moons

Tonight the moon is a half moon, but I don’t know if it is a half snow moon or a half sap moon, I’ll have to ask Connie.

When my dad was in the hospital two years ago, I gathered the email addresses of as many of his associates and lifetime comrades that I could and I wrote to them every week. My intention was to inform them and honor him, but what came out of it was a deluge of responses and relationships with me.

Of these relationships there is one which I now live daily and when my perspective morphs into eagle eye, I shake my head in wonder.

Connie is almost 90 years old and once upon a time worked with Dad in his New York office. I met her only once, when I was 16, but every morning for the last two years we have written to each other and shared our worlds.

We live the human experience in the simplest way. By sharing our thoughts and dreams and concerns and daily doings we find overlaps and synchronicities in a myriad of places. We both love big soft bagels with butter and jam; we love waking up to fresh sparkling snow, we love the oboe and to dance, we don’t like to be misunderstood by our children, we love company but need our freedom, we like to swim in warm water, and we want to explore and have wild adventures and then return to the cozy familiarity of home.

When Connie was a newly wed, she and her husband lived on an Indian reservation in the southwest. As a part of my morning meditations I have used Indian medicine cards for years. We both speak animals and moons, however Connie’s moons add a whole new beauty to moons that I had never known and so here I am to share her moons with you.

January is the wolf moon. February is the snow moon, March is the sap moon, April is the frog moon, May is the flower moon, June is the strawberry moon, July is the buck moon, August is the green corn moon, September is the harvest moon, October is the hunter's moon, November is the beaver moon and December is the long night moon.

From this day forth when you look at the moon you must ask yourself what moon it is, and thus connect yourself to the ancient and the new. Full moons are about fulfillment and living in light.

I suggest drinking them in.

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